Sunday, January 3, 2010

25 Kites that Fly

  1. The Breeze
  2. The Flying Dutchkite
  3. The Singing Nun of Kites
  4. Light Kite: the Kite that Talks
  5. Boring Jennifer's Kite of One Color
  6. The Vampire's Kite
  7. The Great White Kite
  8. Kitaroo: the Australian Boxing Kite
  9. The Dutch Dike Kite
  10. Kitey Kitey Kitey
  11. Kite on Fire
  12. Blighted Kite: The Kite for Poor Neighborhood Kite Flying
  13. Sight Kite: The Seeing Eye Kite
  14. Mite Kite: The World's Tiniest Kite
  15. Oh My God You're a Stupid Kite
  16. Night Kite: For those Kite Flying Nights (Glows in the Dark!)
  17. Dr. Kite's Kite (Prescription Only)
  18. Kitty Kite: Meow Meow
  19. Kite-o-rama (actually more of a radio controlled airplane than a kite)
  20. Kitey Kelly: The Gossip Kite
  21. Kite Armstrong: the Only Kite you can Fly in Space
  22. Danger Kite: Now with Missiles
  23. Git Kite Kit: For the Asshole Hobbyist
  24. Kid Kite: Grows Up Big and Strong
  25. The Kite: the Only Kite You'll Ever Need

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