Sunday, January 3, 2010

Things I Overheard Today

  • "I can't really open this book."
  • "Let's see now, what day is it, Sunday?"
  • "I'm eating my own roller coaster derby, Jessica. Please be my Finnish swan." (possibly misheard)
  • "I mean, put them in the guillotine then... oh I was trying to avoid him." (two people talking at once)
  • "It's worth seeing, Montesquieu." or possibly, "It's worth seeing Montesquieu."
  • "In my eye."
  • "That's pretty out of control."
  • "Vroom." (from a car)
  • They really fit an entire kitchen in that."
  • "I really like salt."
  • "That should be a true story."
  • "You've been out I guess."
  • "Shhrp." (strange noise from indeterminate source)

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