Friday, February 26, 2010

questions of evidence


Q: Blame or civility?
A: Depending on umbrella size, and the local customs, and the rate of extinction of the most popular flora and fauna, I'd say civility, unless after a nap.

Q: Russia?
A: The evening is young.

Q: Which bus goes to Northgate on a Sunday night, late late late?
A: Please study your valley metro transit hand grenade.

Q: Apache Junction, former or latter?
QasA: Are those the only options?
A2QasA: Yes.
A: Junction.

Q: Mandolins?
A: Trampolines.

Q: In Burbank, with gun?
A: Have bank, Wilbur.

Q: Have you toured in Waikiki?
A: No.

Q: A studied backcountry investigation, isotope or precipice?
A: Precipice in case of remainders, isotope if suddenly vexed.

Q: Stein or Sperm?
A: Stein, all the way.

Q: Considering the cost of living in major urban areas, retirement homes, and blood banks, which forced labor camp has the best hope for survival?
A: Global warming not withstanding, I heart Enwhy.

Q: Conservatives hate humanity and liberals hate freedom?
QasA: What chambers lace this lacquered stone?
A2QasA: Bathroom, foyer, balcony.
Q2A2QasA: All three?
A2Q2A2QasA: Yes.
A: Everyone hates everything.

Q: Ducks or pilates?
A: Ducks.

Q: Wigwam?
A: When the wind is coming out of the north at 37 miles per hour and the temperature exceeds, fuck it.

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